Maddie is estimated to have been born in 2015 and came to the farm at the end of 2016 with several other cats when their person could no longer care for them. Although Maddie is still not handleable by us, she has made huge strides from when she first came in our door. At first, she would dart and hide in her room the second a human walked in. Maddie loves sitting in the window and she now will stay seated there on the window sill even when humans come in the room. We have learned with cats like Maddie that it is important to give them their safe places and for us not to force our interactions on them. It builds trust and we have no expectations other than that we want to be sure she has everything she needs to be happy – as defined by her, not by what we think her life should look like. Like so many other cats in our facility, she is feeling safe and secure and learning that it is ok to trust. For that we are very grateful and happy for Maddie.

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