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  • Jennifer Hutton - January 2024 - December 2024

Lucy is estimated to have been born in 2017 and arrived at the farm in the fall of 2018. Lucy had been left in a box on our porch with a note saying her name was Lucy. Unfortunately, she had gotten out of the box and disappeared. We had no clue what she looked like and she was long gone by the time we found the empty box. About a week later, one of our neighbors called and said she heard a cat meowing at her basement door. When she opened the door, in walked a calico cat. She had made her way through a basement window and found her way up to the door of the kitchen. The neighbor called us right away. We are assuming this is Lucy. Lucy is quite a character and likes things on her own terms. She also likes to remind everyone of that periodically. She often has the run of the big hall and loves to assist the staff with their duties.


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