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  • Nancy & Don Johnson, in loving memory of Tamara, Ashleigh, Sabrina & Shannon - January 2022 - December 2024

Liberty is estimated to have been born in fall of 2018 and came to the farm in June 2019. Liberty was found trying to survive in a warehouse in the city and was humanely trapped and brought to the farm when the warehouse was being emptied. Liberty is a feral cat but he is one that is adapting to being inside. At first, he hid all of the time and we just gave him his space to figure things out. All of a sudden one day, we observed him out in the room sitting with the other cats. He has been seen playing with toys and interacting with the other cats. Liberty is finding his way to a life that is meaningful to him. We are not putting any pressure or expectations on him for him to let us pet or handle him. We will give him the space to grow and define what parameters he is comfortable with in his life. And we are sure we will see this change as time goes on, but it will be on his terms and not on how we want his life to look for him.


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