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  • Deb & Sean, In Memory of Butchie Francis, and Kitty Elizabeth, and Cathy In Memory of Herrie and Kenya - December 2018 - November 2019

Kitters was born in 2008 and came to the farm several months later. She had been a stray at someone’s house and they were feeding her outside. However, the family was moving and knew that no one would be there to feed her so we agreed to take her in here. Unfortunately, Kitters has had a history of serious dental issues and mouth infections/pain. She receives treatment when she has flare ups and receives regular monitoring. But she will always be on special food and medicines as needed for this as it will be a forever chronic condition. Kitters will spend the rest of her life here in our sanctuary where she does very well and is very happy.

Kitters is actually the matriarch of her room and is very respected. In fact, she is a staff favorite and has more recently become a valued member of our Purrfect Readers Program where kids (and adults!) come to read out loud to the cats. Many kids even come in asking for Kitters. She will sit on a lap for hours listening to people talk, read, sing, or whatever they want to share with her. Kitters has found her special niche in life and we are thrilled to have her with us!

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