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  • Nancy & Don Johnson, in Memory with much love -Ashleigh, Sabrina, Tamara, and Shannon - Jan. 2019 - Dec. 2022

Joy is estimated to have been born in 2005. She came to the farm in 2015 after she arrived in a trap for one of our feral cat TNR clinics. As she was prepped to be spayed, the veterinarians found that she was badly injured. Her long hair was hiding how bad it was but Joy was covered in severe bite wounds. She also had an extremely bad mouth infection and was missing a lot of her teeth. And she was thought to perhaps have an abdominal  mass. The decision had to be made to euthanize her or try to treat her. Treating her was going to be a challenge as we didn’t know if she’d even be handleable or not. But something told us that this senior kitty had more left to do. There was just something about her that radiated a love of life. So we opted to let her wake up and we’d see if we could treat her. Joy got her name because there seemed to be a joyful light flowing from her. She amazingly let us treat her and we were able to nurse her wounds and her infections until she was healthy once again. Today, Joy is truly joyful to be alive. She is in a room with cats she adores to play with and snuggle up to. And she is letting us pet her and play with her in little steps at a time. It is such a thrill for all of us to see this cat find her place and to never have to struggle again. She reminds us each day what this work is all about.

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