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  • From Katie In Memory of Quinn, Beauford, and Dorian - January 2018 - Dec. 2023

Jacob was born in 2015 and came to the farm in 2016. He was found as a stray when he came up on someone’s porch and was crying at the door. This obviously was (unknowingly at the time) a desperate plea for help. The person brought him in her house but over the next two days she realized he wasn’t using his litter box. She took him to the vet for a check up only to discover that he had a complete urinary blockage and was actually a very sick cat. The medical bills would be extensive and she didn’t have that kind of money to spare. We were called to see if we could help and we stepped in for Jacob. He recovered but will spend the rest of his life on a special medicated diet so that he hopefully doesn’t block again. Jacob’s kidneys recovered and there seems to have been no long term damage. He was a lucky boy and got himself to help just in the nick of time. Jacob is quite a character and full of life. He makes us laugh continuously. He is also very sweet and affectionate.

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