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  • From Katie, In memory of Pandora, Marsha, & Tessie - May 2023 - April 2024

Iris and her sister Jasmine were born in 2016 and came to the farm in 2017 after they were found as strays on a farm. Both of them were very shy when they first arrived but they were also both very curious about human interaction. Iris is a bit more timid than her sister but food ended up being the fastest way in to their hearts. It didn’t take them long to start letting us put some plates of canned food near them and soon they were even running towards us when we came in with their plates. Now they are meowing at the door with excitement. Iris has not been keen on being petted yet but she comes up close and sits as close as she dares to get. She does love to interact with a toy and will even chase a wand toy with string when we play with her. Iris also loves to play with her other cat friends. We will continue to let Iris unfold and open to whatever life she is creating for herself with us.

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