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  • Nancy & Don Johnson, in loving memory of Tamara,Ashleigh, Sabrina & Shannon - December 2022 - November 2024

Heidi is estimated to have been born in 2016. She came to the farm in 2020 after she was found abandoned in an apartment. The people had moved out and left her behind. No one even knew she was in there until they were cleaning it out and found her hiding. Neighbors reported that she had been mistreated by the people who lived there. Heidi is incredibly shy. She spends most of her time hiding and we provide her with plenty of cubby holes and spaces for her to feel comfortable. She has been starting to come out for treats sometimes and will temporarily forget that she is supposed to be hiding. But then she darts away and hides again. She does love human attention and to be petted. This is also a difficult adjustment for her to live with other cats as she seemed to have been an only cat and she doesn’t quite know what to do with them. But we are letting her go at her own pace.


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