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  • Alex R. - May 2023 - April 2024

Hazel is estimated to have been born in 2004. She came to the farm in 2009 after being found as a stray. Hazel at first was very shy but has really learned to trust people and is quite a loving cat. In fact, Hazel is probably one of the most gentle and peaceful cats in our sanctuary. She is wonderful with children and is great with people who are unfamiliar with or unsure about cats. She is like a cat ambassador. Hazel has a wonderful outlook on life and never gets grumpy or pushy and has learned the fine art of purring anyone into peace and serenity. Unfortunately for Hazel, she has a problem using her litter box. She was fostered in a home for a while with one of her caretakers who really tried to work with her on this but Hazel wasn’t able to change. Because of this, Hazel will live here at the sanctuary for the remainder of her life. She is quite content in her room and with her cat friends.

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