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  • Ann Ricci - January 2018 - December 2018

Happy is estimated to have been born in 2003 and arrived at the farm in 2012. Happy was anything but happy when she first arrived. She came here under the very sad circumstance that her person was placed in hospice care and one of the nurses objected to Happy being with her person and as a result she was ordered to leave. Happy was devastated. There was no where for her to go and they knew her person wanted nothing more than to know she was safe, so we took her in and assured her that she’d be safe. Her person died shortly after and Happy became very despondent.

At first, we thought she was just depressed. But as it turned out, Happy had some very unusual health issues. At first the veterinarians thought she had cancer and surgery was needed to see what was happening. We wondered if Happy was trying to go be with her person – as we have seen that happen so many times before – where they just give up and die. But there was something about Happy that all of us picked up on and we followed through with treatment. Somehow, Happy wasn’t done living. It turns out it wasn’t a cancer but a peculiar birth defect that caused the problem. Surgery was successful and Happy made a miraculous recovery.

Potentially, Happy could be adopted out again into her own home. But for now, she is… well, there is no other way to say it… she is happy here and let’s us know it every single day. Happy is the boss of her kingdom, and let’s everyone know it. But she is a very sweet girl in her own sassy way.

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