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  • Jeanne Perry, Kathy Levy, Judy Foster, Elaine Ward - January 2024 - December 2024

Gomez came to the farm in the summer of 2022 at just about 3 months old. One of our animal caretakers found him on the side of the road on her way in to work. She stopped at several houses in the area and no one had ever seen him before. She brought him in to work with her and he managed to stay! Shortly after Gomez arrived, another kitten, Genny, was found in the middle of a road in busy traffic. She had some minor injuries but once recovered she and Gomez were introduced and the two became inseparable friends. Gomez can be a little bit of a monster to the older cats. He loves to chase them around the room. He loves playing and is particularly fond of people coming in with his favorite wand toy.