Gerry is estimated to have been born in 2021 and came to the farm in January 2022. Gerry’s story is a miracle and a great example of why people should not abandon cats and assume they will be fine. We found Gerry in a carrier underneath our front sign in sub-zero weather. Her carrier was encased in ice, having been close enough to the highway that the passing snow plow had covered her with snow. Her entire carrier was frozen solid. We rushed her inside and with great trepidation opened the carrier afraid we would find a deceased animal. But out popped Gerry, cold but still alive. What the person who left her didn’t realize is that the driveway she left her in is rarely used by our staff. No one even saw the carrier there. A look back at our security cameras gave us the even more upsetting news that she had been sitting there in that snow and cold for two days. Truly, Gerry was given a miracle.

Although Gerry survived being abandoned, she does have some medical problems. Jerry has luxating patellas in both hind legs. We are treating those in hopes that she will gain at least some recovery. She loves to play and eat. She loves her human friends but hasn’t really bonded yet with any cat friends.


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