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  • Bonita Grandal - January 2018 - December 2018

Gemini was born in 2010 and came to the farm as a youngster when his person could no longer care for him. He was adopted out in 2011 but was returned 3 months later because of not using his litter box. Unfortunately, Gemini never has outgrown that problem, although we have tried many things to help him. Gemi as he is affectionately called by his caretakers will have a place with us for life. He is a special guy with a great personality but he unfortunately has some bad habits that he just doesn’t want to change. Gemini has really blossomed over the past years. He has now become one of our most outgoing cats in his room. He has an adorable meow that is recognizable over all other cat meows in our facility not only because it sounds cute but because of how inviting it is and how happy he now is to see his human friends come to see him when he calls. He has now taken to rubbing up against our legs and begs us to pet him. He is even chasing around his toys which is something he hasn’t done in years. He is proof that the right kind of environment can be key to a cat’s level of confidence and security.

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