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  • Alex R. - December 2023 - November 2024

Forest is estimated to have been born in 2018 and came to the farm in early 2023. Forest had been a stray cat hanging around someone’s apartment. They had seen him on the streets for quite some time. Then one day, he arrived at their doorstep injured. They managed to catch him in a clothes hamper and they showed up on our doorstep looking for help. It turned out that he had been attacked by another animal and had horrible bite wounds on one leg. It was not certain whether we could save the leg or not. There was major damage to a tendon. The other factor was that because he had bite wounds and no vaccination history available, he had to be kept on a rabies quarantine. Once off the rabies watch, he still needed to remain with us to see how his leg healed and how much use he would regain. During that time, we discovered that Forest was not a feral cat after all. He has now become an incredibly loving and snuggly cat. His leg has healed very well, but Forest is certain he wants to be a house cat now. His days on the streets are over. He is spending his time enjoying being loved and pampered and he loves it!