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  • Catherine and Glenn Savage - January 2019 - December 2019

Eddy was born in 2015 and arrived at the farm at just 3 months old. Eddy and his litter mates were all rescued by a good Samaritan who helped raise them and find homes for them. However, little Eddy had a problem. He was born with a deformed tail that was in the shape of a corkscrew. This deformity also left him with both bowel and bladder incontinence. It remains to be seen whether this problem may go away as Eddy grows older. We have seen some improvement but Eddy still has to have his bladder expressed a few times a day. He is on medications to help with his bladder as well. Eddy is quite the character and a complete sweetheart. He also is quite the imp and loves to run around his room zooming up and down cat trees and playing with his cat friends. We will see how Eddy progresses as he grows but no matter what happens with him, he will have a place with us for life.

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