Dougie is estimated to have been born in 2006 and came to the farm in 2010 as a stray. We think that Dougie was dumped on our property. We had to catch him in a trap to have him neutered and vaccinated but Dougie made it very clear that he did not want to live inside. Once outside again, he settled in our hay barn by our nature sanctuary where he stayed for many years. He always had food, water, and shelter available to him. He seemed quite content and was the emperor of his kingdom. Then in 2008, Dougie suddenly moved over to the animal sanctuary side of the street and began sleeping on the front porch at night. He would be seen interacting through the screening with the cats in their cat rooms. It looked like he really wanted to come inside. Shortly after, we noticed he was severely limping and we managed to trap him – which he eluded for many years. We put him inside of the cat room that he hung around the most since he already knew those cats. This time, Dougie decided to stay inside. He loves the warmth and security and being with his cat friends.


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