Dani is estimated to have been born in 2003. She came to the farm in 2015 as a result of being humanely trapped for our feral cat TNR program. When they went to spay Dani they discovered that she was very sick and  had horrific mouth infections. Medical treatment for her upper respiratory and a dental was all that it would take to help her out but putting her back out on the street unable to eat was a death sentence – and not a pleasant one indeed. We opted to keep her at the farm to treat her infection until she was healthy enough for surgery. Her mouth was so bad that it required most of her teeth be pulled. We realized that Dani could not be re-released to the street colony she came from and we kept her here in our sanctuary instead. Moving a feral cat indoors is not always the right decision for them. The human need to keep them safe is not always the life they choose to live or are comfortable with. Some of them do “come around” by human standards and let us touch them. Some live comfortably inside but on their own terms. And there are some who just cannot and do not want to live inside. We weren’t sure where Dani would be in that spectrum, but we offered her a chance to see what she wanted. While Dani is adjusting to life inside just fine, she is not keen on human contact yet, and that is totally fine. Dani can choose to live the way she wants to with us and we will gladly do all we can to support her. We do notice she is starting to trust us all a lot more.

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