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  • Peg Kittle, In Memory of Simba - January 2019 - December 2024

Cornelius is estimated to have been born in 2011. He arrived here at the farm in 2014 after he was seen as a stray in our Nature Sanctuary. It is frequent that people dump cats there and we assume that Cornelius was a drop off. He wouldn’t let us get near him but we managed to capture him  in a humane trap to get him to safety. Cornelius is a gorgeous boy and many people have been interested in adopting him based solely on his looks. But that doesn’t work for Cornelius as he is a rather complex kind of guy. He is very playful but he is a cat who likes to stay to himself most of the time. At first, he can be very standoffish but once someone earns his trust, he is very loyal to them. Cornelius also has difficulty with change and it takes him a while to adjust to new surroundings. It also takes him some time to settle in with other cats, but once he does he is very good. When stressed, he has been known to not use his litter box, although that is an exception that is not the rule in general. He may be with us for the rest of his life and if you ask Cornelius, he’ll tell you that is just fine with him.

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