My Sponsors

  • Meghan Lawson - September 2022 - August 2023

Corey is estimated to have been born in April 2016 and arrived  unexpectedly and abruptly on the farm with his three siblings one evening when a car pulled in our parking lot and someone jumped out and dumped the four kittens out and sped off. It took us days to catch them all in humane traps. They were terrified after being out is some severe storms as well has having crossed the busy highway and running into our nature sanctuary. It is a miracle that we found them. Corey and his sister Angela were the two shyest of the four kittens. They are coming around slowly as we gain their trust. Corey loves his life here in his cat room with his cat friends where he feels totally safe and happy. He made it clear that he wasn’t looking for anything else and that this was the life he wanted. He is a special guy.

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