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  • Maureen Owens - October 2021 - September 2022

Cleopatra, or Cleo as we call her, is estimated to have been born in 2006. She came to the farm in 2008 after she was brought in to one of our feral cat TNR clinics. She had been very ill and we kept her here at the farm for recovery but her stay got extended as she healed and it was then too late in the year to release her back outside. So Cleo ended up staying with us. We have watched Cleo really grow and start to come out of her shell. She started out being completely untouchable and shy. Now, although still shy, she is starting to trust her caretakers. She comes up to them and rubs on their legs, especially at feeding time, when she loves to steal food if she can. She also has started letting her caretakers pet her now and then. We are watching her learn to trust and open up. We give these cats their own space to learn in a safe environment and explore what they want to explore. Many times they do decide to open their lives to human touch. Cleo is one of those cats and we love to see her blossom.

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