Chloe (barn)


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  • Jennifer Hutton - January 2024 - December 2024

Chloe was born in 2015 and came to the farm in January 2016 after she had her feral mom were caught in a humane trap and taken in to a veterinary clinic to be spayed and receive vaccination. The plan was to release them back at the homestead where they were found as the people were putting food out for them and looking out for them. But Chloe was tiny and at the time it was thought that she might be able to be tamed. We agreed to take her in our facility to see what would happen and lucky for Chloe that we did. Chloe ended up getting very ill after her surgery and vaccines and was sick for several weeks. We managed to pull her through and with all of the handling she received, she indeed started to enjoy being stroked and petted and started to purr. But Chloe was all about being an outside cat. And just her luck, we happened to be looking for a couple of young kittens to be raised as barn cats for our smaller barn on the property. Although they are barn cats, they have access to the downstairs of two of the Director’s home and have a really nice cushy life. They are basically indoor/outdoor house cats. Chloe got to join two other kittens, Trevor and Jack, and spend the winter inside getting to know everyone before being able to start to explore the barn and outside in spring. All three are doing great and love one another. They have a very important job here as barn cats and are clearly enjoying their new roles.

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