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  • Janet Smith - January 2024 - December 2024

Chester is estimated to have been born in 2010. He arrived at the farm in January 2016 after he had been seen living for some time under an abandoned house. People noticed he had trouble walking and thought he was injured. He was caught in a humane trap and taken to a veterinarian. It was discovered he had a mass on one foot but that he also had lesions on his other feet. The mass could be removed but he’d need nursing care and couldn’t be released right away. We were contacted to see if we could do his recovery care. One of the first things we noticed about him was that he in all likelihood was actually not feral but was a very scared stray who had kind of gone wild. It was just a hunch as he wouldn’t let us pet him in his pen that we put him in, but he acted interested. We could tell that the mass was growing back and knew he could not go back out to live on the streets. We put him in one of our cat rooms and for the first day he hid and watched the other cats. But very quickly he started to trust his human caretakers. In a few weeks time, he went from a scared, feral acting street cat, to a cat content to be petted and to purr up a storm. As it turned out, the problem with his feet ended up being treatable with medications and Chester let us medicate him and the problem resolved.

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