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Calliope was born in 2004 and came to the farm in 2005 when her person could no longer afford to take care of her. She came from a household with over 30 cats. She came with her cat friend Zia and they are extremely bonded. In fact, Calliope gets very upset if she is separated from Zia. They are often found sleeping together. Calliope has come a long way in the past 2 years. She is a lot more outgoing than she used to be. Now, she is usually the first in her room to ask for attention. She doesn’t have much of a meow but she makes up for that with her massive purr machine. Sometimes she gets so into attention that she puts her head down so far that she almost rolls right off her perch. Calliope’s growth is a tribute to our giving her the safe space she needed to figure things out. Because although she is affectionate with her caretakers, they have had to learn to approach Calliope slowly and quietly. If you move too quickly around her or are too loud, she will dart away. But Calliope is happy in her life and that is what matters most.

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