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  • Anne Hite - January 2019 - December 2019

Annie arrived on the farm as an orphaned kitten in 2009 and was bottle fed by co-founder/Director Bonnie. Annie is a delightful girl who has some interesting qualities that make her a special needs girl. Annie has struggled most of her life with a propensity to be obese. It took us and her a lot of hard work to get her into a healthy weight. Annie’s diet needs to be very closely monitored and controlled. She is otherwise healthy. However, Annie also has a behavior issue that is very dangerous for her and makes her very difficult to place in the average home. Annie is obsessed with strings. We don’t mean this in a cute way. She is so obsessed with strings that she has to immediately eat anything resembling a string. You can ask an awful lot of people who stop into her room wearing shoes with shoe laces just how fast Annie is at untying them and cutting through them and swallowing them in a heartbeat. Annie literally needs to be in a completely string free environment. We have spent a lot of time watching for string to pass through and a lot of vet trips to deal with strings that she has ingested. Annie can find strings on things you didn’t even know had strings. We have never seen anything like it. So, Annie’s room is a string free zone and she happily lives her life here with us – with no strings attached.

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