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  • Joe Moore - March 2018 - February 2024
  • Sharon Kaples - January 2018 - December 2023

Angelo is estimated to have been born in 2003. He came to the farm when he was caught by a good Samaritan who found him living as a stray in her community for quite a while. Angelo had huge mats on his back that were so big and stuck up so high that at first people thought he had appendages growing on his back. They actually looked like angel wings (thus the name Angelo). He was very skittish and shy at first, but once we got him cleaned up and he learned he was safe here, he started to relax more and settle in. Angelo or “Big Ang” as he has been nicknamed by his caretakers, is a staff favorite. He also has an adoring cat harem who depends on his calm, large, kind heart to comfort them. Angelo holds his cat group together and plays an important role in his room.

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