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  • Susan Kaufmann - January 2024 - December 2024

Alice is estimated to have been born in 2015 and came to the farm in fall of 2016 when she was brought in to a feral cat TNR clinic. Alice was born with deformed front legs and she was having a hard time surviving out on the street as the other cats were bullying her and pushing her away from the food bowls. It was unethical to put her back out on the street after being humanely trapped and brought in for spay, yet she was a perfectly healthy cat. We opted to keep her here at the farm to see if she’d be happy here. We had no idea how wild or not she was. As it turns out, Alice is a sweetheart. She is a bit timid but she loves to be petted and purr and is very appreciative to be in a cat room where she is warm and dry and, best of all for her, where the other cats do not pick on her. We are happy to have been able to offer sanctuary to Alice and she is obviously grateful for all she gets given.

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