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  • Dennis and Patti Kealy - November 2019 - October 2020

Tipper is a very special cockatiel with very special needs. Tipper came to us in 2015 . He was born in 2009. When Tipper arrived at the farm, he could not stand on his legs. We at first thought that the most humane thing to do for him was to euthanize him. However, our veterinarian felt there was a chance that Tipper could have a good quality of life with some treatment and some special living arrangements. So, we brought him home to try – and are we ever glad we did. Tipper is a very special soul. Although his life doesn’t look like that of a “normal” bird, he let’s us know each and every day how happy he is to be alive. He sings and sings his special song throughout the day and scolds us as well when he feels we are not getting things exactly the way he likes them. We have made Tipper a special cage outfitted just for him. He lives right in our main hall with friends Marty and Merlin and loves to have people tell him how wonderful he is. Besides his special song that he likes to sing, he also often is heard barking like a little dog.