Eloise the Pig


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Eloise is an American Guinea Hog who came to the farm in spring of 2018. Eloise was rescued with over 100 other animals from a horrific neglect situation. We took in seven mini-donkeys and three rabbits from the same place. We were specifically asked to take Eloise as she was being beaten up by the other pigs and was in bad shape. She needed a place to regroup and heal without any pressure. We are honored to be that place for Eloise as she is an amazingly sweet girl who is grateful for everything done for her. Shortly after her arrival, we discovered that she was pregnant. And in early June, Eloise gave birth to six adorable piglets. Seven lives were rescued, from a situation where they most likely wouldn’t have survived much longer, just from taking in one pig.

As the piglets get older and have been named, and we can tell them apart, we will give each of them their own place on this page. Until then, we have to feature them in a group. So, here are some baby photos!

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