Our Facility

The Spring Farm CARES Animal Sanctuary is located on approximately 50 acres of land. The Nature Sanctuary is comprised of an additional 275 acres.

The Animal Sanctuary consists of several buildings including offices, residences for our 3 full-time, on-site Directors, as well as 2 barns that house our large animals and our Kigercat Hall which is the main facility housing the majority of our small animals. The Animal Sanctuary is home to about 250-300 animals. This includes about 28 equines (horses, ponies, and donkeys), 8-10 goats, 6-10 dogs, 175-200 cats, 12-15 rabbits, and assorted chickens, ducks, geese, and birds. We do have cats/kittens, rabbits, and sometimes dogs available for adoption. We also maintain a population of cats and dogs who are permanent residents as they are considered unadoptable. Horses and farm animals are all permanent residents and none are available for adoption. We specialize in elder and hospice care and many of our animal residents live out their final years with us. All of them live and die with dignity and with their individual needs as our first priority. Many of our animals are available for sponsorship.

We do not euthanize animals to make room for new ones to come in, so when we are full, we are full and must deny requests to take in animals to avoid going over our limit. Our cats live in communal rooms with group numbers varying according to the size of the room and the personalities of the cats. We make their living environment as much like a “home” atmosphere as possible while also maintaining a balance of clean, sanitary, and loving and enriching environments for them. The cat and dog rooms also have enclosed porches, with cat doors for the cats, so that, in the good weather, they can go outside to get some nice fresh air, sunshine, and watch and listen to the birds and even a horse or two that are grazing nearby.

The horses and goats all have housing with barns and/or sheds and access to paddocks and pastures. The horses enjoy time within their herd groups and their turn-out is designed especially for each horse’s special needs in mind. Many of our horses are extremely elderly, arthritic, some are blind, laminitic, and have other special needs that we tailor their care and make a care plan that is unique for each one of them. The goats are provided with paddocks and a pasture area that includes a goat playground for their enjoyment.

All of our animals benefit from preventative, diagnostic, surgical, and emergency veterinary care (both on and off site) as well as other treatment modalities including chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, massage therapy, cranial-sacral work, energy work and any other care they may need. We also work with physical therapists for both large and small animals to do whatever we can to enhance their lives.

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Take a Tour

We love to have visitors and welcome everyone to tour our facility. We request you do so by appointment so that we have staff available to give you the complete tour. Appointments for visits can be made for 7 days a week.

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Our Cat Rooms

At the beginning of 2014, we remodeled the cat rooms in our Kigercat Hall facility. Our small animal care staff, under the direction of our General Manager for Small Animals, Crystal Langone, were all given the task to decorate each room. It wasn’t just about decorating however. The staff was divided up into groups of two. Each group had to choose a theme and decorate their room according to that theme. All decorations had to be in line with their theme AND, most importantly, had to provide enhancement to the cat residents. They, of course, also had to be cat safe. Our staff went all out on this project and the result was not only rooms that look nice, but cats that were also thrilled with and participated in helping in the process.

It is of primary importance to us that the cats live enriched, happy, and stress-free lives. This is about us providing a real home for them, not just a place to stay for the rest of their lives. We want to be sure they are happy. This requires our staff to always be interacting with the cats, and to thoroughly get to know them, so that we can assess when someone is having trouble in a group or if there are any medical issues. Cats are often great at hiding things that are bothering them. Their health, safety, and emotional well-being is our top priority. The small animal care staff go all out for the cats in their care. They put their hearts and souls into their work each day. These animals are like a part of their family and our staff is certainly the family for all of our animals. We hope you enjoy seeing some of their collaborations and hope you will also come visit in person.

The Beach Room

The Beach Room is complete with all things you would find at the beach, including beach chairs, a sand box, beach towels, fish galore, and even comes complete with a indoor water fountain. The cats thoroughly enjoy lounging around on the beach chairs and beach blankets. This room even boasts a hot air balloon flying over that the cats also find very entertaining.

The Farm Room

The Farm Room is packed full of detail and everything to do with farming. The decor includes hay bales, a chicken lay box (which the cats give a 5 star rating), artwork depicting farm scenes, stenciled cat perches with farm animal designs, as well as a very unique split rail fence which doubles as a most amazing scratching post. This room also includes a basket hanging from the ceiling complete with talking chicken. There is too much detail in this room to even capture half of it in photos.

The Garden Room

The designers of the Garden Room made great use of the room’s natural light. Again, this is a room with a lot of little details hard to capture in a few photos. The floor was even decorated with garden stepping stones (made out of cardboard) and the walls were complete with a stash of hanging garden tools (also made out of cardboard). This room is full of beautiful flower motifs and the cats really love it.

The Outer Space Room

The Space Room is full of cat adventures. The centerpiece of the room is a space ship made out of a large cardboard box with lots of cubby holes for cats to climb around in. There is always someone occupying the space ship. From the ceiling hang planets and meteors that double of course as cat toys. There are constellation designs all around the room including stencils on some of the furniture. This room even features a Starry Night comforter for the cats to sleep on.

The Southwest Room

The Southwest Room is incredibly true to its theme. There are so many tiny details in this room, down to the cat food bowls. This room even features a chili pepper shaped bowl. There is a strong Native American presence as well, both in artwork and in other decorations around the room. The cats also thoroughly enjoy the decor as well as all the incredible effort that went into making this room a true visit to the Southwest.

The Woods Room

The Woods Room is like a serene walk through the woods. This room boasts enormous detail in every nook and crannie but also is extremely functional and fun for the cats. Highlights of this room include a complete artificial pine tree (what cat can resist that as an all year round treat!), a mobile made completely out of natural materials from the woods, and a special highlight for the cats – fresh grown grass. The grass was so popular that the artisans of the Woods Room shared their harvest with all the other cat rooms as well. The Woods Room also contains many stuffed animals – replicas of those you would find out in the woods. The doors are also stenciled with a leaf motif and sticks with fun things to play with are found everywhere in the room.