Spring Farm CARES Animal and Nature Sanctuary



Gulliver, Portrait by Debra Saum

This portrait of Gulliver was donated to Spring Farm CARES by Animal Communication Artist Debra Saum. His energy and wisdom are completely captured in her artwork.
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My Friend,
Teach of the heart.
Let your voice be heard, but softly.
Let your words be strong, but gentle.

Whisper to the soul.
Let your heart fly free, yet focused.
Let your love flow outward, yet inward.

Live in my heart.
Let my heartbeat guide you, yet teach you to lead.
Let my inner truth be seen by you, and guide you to your own.

Remember me always.
Connected by our hearts.
Felt deeply in our souls.

Entwined by eternity -
- Gulliver, November 2007


The following was a message Gulliver gave through Dawn in September 2007.

From Gulliver:

Your position now in the history of the life of humanity is at a turning point. Truth is about ready to overtake fear in its position in the heart of humanity. Love will become the vindication of hearts so lost on the steep entrapments of fear that they could no longer climb out to find the light of day. A new day is dawning and humanity is awakening to a deep peace within their soul. Some are feeling it already and will be asked to help gently wake up their neighbors around them. Some will not wake up but instead will choose to pass into spirit to go on to another realm of understanding for themselves. But those of you who have chosen this experience as the grandest of awakenings are about ready to feel the first sun on your faces for a very long time. Darkness has been surrounding your very core. Not on an individual basis, but on a humanity level on this planet.

The animals started receiving the light some time ago. Because we were less impacted and sold into the fear based atmosphere that humanity chose to breathe into their souls, we were more easily awakened by the first stirrings of light. Just like in nature, the first birds to feel the sun's earliest rays, sing first to gently awaken the rest of us. Animals and nature are poised to listen to those subtleties. Humanity has forsaken that part of themselves. Not many humans hear the first bird of the morning. And if they do, they fail to understand the song. But this time, the rays of light are strengthening and all of humanity is beginning to sense its stirrings. Those refusing to let go of fear will find fear in all its beauty. Those willing to see the beauty will find it at first dawn. Like a mirage in an oasis, it will suddenly appear to you. And it will be crystal clear to you where you are and what is happening. Your very being will be filled with light and love and peace will emanate to your soul.

Many of you will ask what we need to do to achieve this. I am here to tell you that your path is very simple. So simple, in fact, that you overlook its reality and you fail to see its simplicity. You simply need to believe. That is it. Believe. You need to believe that the light is there. You live by the nature of seeing is believing. But in this new reality, believing is to see. If you want to see peace you must believe that peace is there. If you want to understand love, you must believe that love is there. If you want great happiness in your life, you must believe that you have great happiness. Its that simple. And the more you believe, the more you begin to trust that belief and the more real it all becomes. You want abundance? Believe it is there. You want health? Believe you already have it. No matter what it looks like otherwise, you are being asked to reach down into the core of your heart and believe it is there. Results will be immediate. Once you truly believe you have it, you will see it in your life.

You need look no further than to your own heart to see and feel this within you now. Your relationships will be of the highest importance to you as you begin to understand this. Believe in them. Believe in your heart. Believe in your feelings. Believe that you have been given, are being given, and will continue to be given all of the answers and the tools that you will need to succeed. Do not continue to look around to your fear based old ways of being as examples of how your world is. If you look to the past to identify your future than you are not awake. You are sleeping. Waking up means seeing today for what it is. It is not basing today on what yesterday was or what tomorrow might be. Because your definition of the future is defined by what you have seen and believe of your past. The future should never be based on the past, yet that is what you do. You would never attempt to build a new house on a faulty foundation because you would see that the house would fall down. Yet, this is what you do when you create your future based on what happened in your past. Instead, you need to believe in your future based on where you are going, not on where you have been. These are simple concepts in principle and your lives would change enormously and immediately if you would but try them.